Maryland Good Sam Club


Americans are chipping in and helping with sewing face masks, getting groceries for a neighbor, donating to organizations who can directly help in the pandemic, and helping in hundreds of other ways. As part of this, RV owners are being asked to consider loaning out their RVs to help medical professionals and other first responders who are unable to go home because of their exposure to COVID-19 patients. This is a noble cause. We just want to be sure you proceed with caution. With every catastrophe, there are those who prey on good people. Don't become a victim. Take every step needed to ensure you are not simply giving your RV away.

Our thoughts on the corona virus, or COVID-19

We cannot, with authority, add to the conversation. However, please know that our hearts and prayers are with those who were diagnosed and with their family and friends. We also honor the thousands upon thousands of professionals and volunteers who are taking extraordinary measures and risks to provide much needed services and support.

We ask that our RV family remain safe, follow guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and heed the warnings and instructions of your state, county, or city leaders.

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Maryland RVing

Welcome to Maryland! Our Good Sam Club is not just for our members but for anyone interested in spending time in this great state. We provide information for our members, but we also provide information that can help RVers navigate our landscape. If you are not a member of a Maryland chapter, please check out our About Us section to connect. We would love to meet you.

Thank you!

Another year has ended with the 2019 Maryland Good Sam Club Rally at the Frederick Fairgrounds. We are now embarking on plans for next year. If you are not yet a member of one of our chapters , consider joining a chapter or create one with your friends and family. Find out how at