RVing in Maryland

'Little' Maryland means big adventures

Maryland, the 7th state admitted to the union, is small but massively beautiful, geographically interesting and historically important.

Maryland's 6 million people are spread about the state that is about 250 miles long and 100 miles wide with 12,407 square miles of land and 9,775 square miles of water.

The 42nd largest of the 50 states. Maryland is bordered by Pennsylvania on the north, and a small piece of Virginia on the south. On the east, Maryland is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware. West Virginia and Virginia border Maryland on the west. The mid portion of the state is interrupted by Washington, D.C, which many do not know originally was part of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties.

Then there is the Chesapeake Bay, a source of immense pride by Marylanders. The largest estuary in the U.S., this natural wonder varies in size and depth from its narrowest point of 2.8 miles just above the Bay Bridge to its widest of 30 miles just south of the Potomac River. The average depth of the bay is 21 feet, but a deep channel through its center dives down to 174 feet.

Maryland is often referred to America in Miniature with a variety of topography within its borders that range from sandy dunes dotted with seagrass in the east, to low marshlands teeming with wildlife and large bald cypress near the Chesapeake Bay, to gently rolling hills of oak forests in the Piedmont Region, and pine groves in the mountains to the west.

Sixteen of Maryland’s 23 counties border on tidal water, so fishing, boating and other water-focused activities are popular here. In fact, Annapolis is known as the sailing capital of the world, and the Concord Point Lighthouse in Havre de Grace is the oldest continuously operated lighthouse in the state.

You will find as you travel Maryland there is a wide mix of urban commuter traffic and quiet country roads, all of which can sometimes peak with commuter and seasonal traffic that run smoothly or begin to crawl. Often, as most Maryland Good Sam members know, GPS tools don't always offer the best route for RVs. So be sure and take out an old fashioned map or zero in on Google Maps to ensure the route is RV friendly. For example, you cannot miss visiting Solomon's Island, but some of you with large rigs may want to park your rig elsewhere and drive in so you can relax as you taste authentic Maryland crab cakes or enjoy your boating excursion.

As most experienced RVers know, planning your trip is key to a good experience. We provided you with some travel links we hope will benefit your planning. We want your adventure to Maryland to be smooth. We are proud of all Maryland has to offer.

And maybe one day, we'll meet you by the campfire.

Maryland Real-Time Traffic Advisory

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